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Soups & Salads

Lobster Chowder ~ 9.95

Lobster Simmered in cream and fresh herbs.


French Onion Soup ~ $8.95

Served with housemade croutons and cheese.


Seafood Chowder* ~ $12.95

Scallops, lobster, shrimp and mussels simmered in cream and fresh herbs.


Captain's Seafood Bouillabaise ~ $14.95

Scallops, shrimp, lobster & mussels simmered with fresh vegetables in a savoury tomato broth.


Catch 22 House Salad*  ~ $7.95

Served with our refreshing mango house dressing.


Caesar Salad ~ $8.95

Prepared the traditional way.


Greek Salad* ~ $9.95

Prepared with our homemade vinaigrette.


Seafood Salad* ~ $13.95

House salad with scallops, shrimp and lobster.

Served with homemade champagne sauce.

Chicken Caesar Salad ~ 13.95
Romaine lettuce, bacon, parmesan & grilled chicken
with our housemade croutons and dressing


Bruschetta au Gratin ~$8.95

Diced marinated tomatoes served on toasted baguette with cheese

With Lobser~ 11.95


Escargots à la Provençale* ~ $8.95

Prepared with garlic butter.

Au Gratin ~ $9.95


Bacon Wrapped Scallops* ~ $11.95

Served in a maple syrup sauce.


Cajun  Coconut Shrimp* ~ $10.95

Sautéed in Cajun spices and coconut milk.


Calamari ~ $10.95

Fried calamari tossed in lemon pepper spice.


Crab Cakes ~ $11.95

Crab meat folded into a potato purée served with Arrabiata tomato sauce.


Atlantic Smoked Salmon*  ~ $11.95

Served with baguette, lettuce, red onions and capers.


Shrimp  Cocktail*  ~ $11.95

Served with housemade cocktail sauce.

Lobster Cocktail ~ $15.95

Served with housemade cocktail sauce.


Lobster Gratin* ~ $13.95

Lobster on mushroom caps sautéed in garlic butter, topped with cheese then broiled.


Seafood Gratin* ~ $15.95

Shrimp, scallops, lobster on mushroom caps sautéed in garlic butter topped with cheese then broiled.


Oysters Fresh* or Rockefeller* (seasonal)

Served with potatoes or rice and fresh vegetables

Seafood Casserole ~ $24.95

Shrimp, scallops and lobster in a creamy cheese sauce.


Devil’s Duo ~ $23.95

Grilled scallops and shrimp sautéed in a mild spicy tomato ,garlic and basil sauce.


Catch 22 Style Haddock* ~ $22.22

Broiled haddock filet served with our homemade lobster cream sauce. 


Coquille St-Jacques ~ $25.95

Scallops and mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce topped with cheese then broiled.


Maple Salmon* ~ $24.95

Maple marinated salmon filet .


Fish & Chips ~ $16.95

Haddock filets lightly battered and fried, served with fries.


Lobster Roll ~ $15.95

Lobster, mayo and celery  on a toasted bun served with fries.


Atlantic Halibut* ~ $34.95

Grilled Atlantic Halibut with an orange ginger sauce.


Cajun Shrimp Jambalaya* ~ $24.95

Grilled shrimp in a spicy sausage Jambalaya.

Red Snapper ~ $ 22.22

Grilled Snapper topped with a mild Cajun Sauce.


10oz Angus Striploin AAA* ~ $31.95

8 oz Filet Mignon AAA* ~ $31.95

14 oz T-Bone AAA* ~ $33.95

Surf & Turf ~ $49.95
Choice of Striploin OR Filet Mignon
Served with 1\2 Lobster OR Shrimp and Scallops


Chicken Alfredo ~ $19.95

Lobster Linguini ~ $26.95

Seafood Linguini ~ $26.95

Vegetable Primavera ~ $16.95

6 pieces of Garlic Cheese Bread ~ $5.95


Curry Vegetarian Stir-fry* ~ $15.95

Shanghai Chicken Stir-fry* ~ $19.95

Chef's Beef Stir-fry* ~ $22.95

Cajun Seafood Stir-fry* ~ $26.95

Signature Dishes

Cajun Lobster Jambalaya* ~ $45.95

Grilled 1.25lb lobster in a spicy sausage Jambalaya.

Lobster Florentine ~ $45.95

Sautéed lobster, onions, mushrooms and spinach in a creamy lobster sauce.

Lobster Thermidor* ~ $45.95

Lobster and mushrooms in a white wine, tomato base sauce topped with Swiss cheese, served in the shell.

Shellfish Assemblage*  ~ $45.95

1.25 Lobster and steamed mussels.

Fresh Lobster Dinner ~ Seasonally Priced

Mariner’s Style Steamer* ~ $9.95

White wine, garlic, lemon and onions.

Coconut Arrabiata Steamer*~ $10.95

Tomato Arrabiata sauce with coconut milk.

* Available Gluten-Free

Seafood Platters

Catch22 Fisherman’s Platter* ~ $33.95

1/2 lobster, shrimp, scallops, haddock and crab cake. Served with rice and fresh vegetables.


Ultimate Platter for Two* ~ $69.95

1.25 lb lobster, crab cakes, bacon wrapped scallops and Cajun coconut shrimp. Served with potatoes or rice and fresh  vegetables.

Our Brochettes

Served with fresh vegetables and rice. Seasoned with Chef’s homemade spices.

Chicken Brochette* ~ $19.95

Beef Brochette* ~ $22.95

Bacon Wrapped Scallop Brochette* ~ $24.95

Seafood Brochette* ~ 24.95

Substitute your side: sweet potato fries, twice baked potato

or salad (House,Caesar, greek) $3.95

(Please note: menu items subject to change)